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Housewife Sizzlin', Not Fizzlin'...

Uh-oh, did your man just come home to you still in your robe, hair uncombed and possibly unbathed? Do you feel like it was ok, because you were taking care of the children all day and didn't leave the house? Are you a woman who feels like "he should love me as I am, no matter what"? If so, then let's just put all of the nonsense aside, and change the mentality right now! I am not writing this blog as a marriage and family counselor, but for some, it will be an eye-opener into yet another area that fashion touches. Can you not see why I'm so passionate about fashion?! Housewives too can be fashionable! Yes, I understand that you may have been with your partner for years, and he's seen you at your best and worst. However, if he's been seeing you at your worst most often, don't be surprised if the romance is fizzling and the sparks are hard to catch. If he loves seeing you in a t-shirt and panties for bed, then by all means, keep making it happen. Howev