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Just Be You...

"It's called 'I felt like wearing socks with my sandals, so I did'" is what I said to her, when she gave me a weird look and asked why I was wearing socks with my wedges. Then, because I wouldn't back down to her questions, more questions followed, in reference to the rest of my ensemble for the day. Not to be wavered, I simply replied "It's my style. If you don't like it, then so what. You do you, and I'll do me." It amazes me how people have so many comments to make about others style, when they don't have a signature or personal style of their own, especially when the "style" that they have is not really "style" but matchymatchy cookie-cutter ensembles. I stick to my belief that "fashion is art", and an expression/extension of oneself. My own personal style is quite eccentric, involving bohemian-fused inspirations and quirky vintage or thrift pieces. I was nervous to try the sock and sandal s