Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Be You...

"It's called 'I felt like wearing socks with my sandals, so I did'" is what I said to her, when she gave me a weird look and asked why I was wearing socks with my wedges. Then, because I wouldn't back down to her questions, more questions followed, in reference to the rest of my ensemble for the day. Not to be wavered, I simply replied "It's my style. If you don't like it, then so what. You do you, and I'll do me."
It amazes me how people have so many comments to make about others style, when they don't have a signature or personal style of their own, especially when the "style" that they have is not really "style" but matchymatchy cookie-cutter ensembles. I stick to my belief that "fashion is art", and an expression/extension of oneself.
My own personal style is quite eccentric, involving bohemian-fused inspirations and quirky vintage or thrift pieces. I was nervous to try the sock and sandal style that I loved, until I had problems with my toe and couldn't wear closed-toe shoes over it's ugliness. After I tried the trend, I felt the freedom that I love, and ran with it and my headwraps!
I am from a small town and have never totally felt that I "fit in" but have matured to a "non-caring" state of mind and have a hope to inspire others to do the same.
Be who you are not just in personality but in style and fashion. Don't let others determine how you express yourself. That being said, you may wonder how a stylist like myself can find fault in or improvement in an outfit?
There are simple and sometimes small tweaks that have to be made to outfits, because of the possibilities of frumpiness, competing patterns, ill-fitting garments, etc. If you are confused, then that is where you need the assistance of SUPERAWESOMEWONDERWOMAN ChristalNicole. If you are feeling "flowery" on this day, choose a dominant flower pattern and accessorize or accommodate that pattern with smaller, quieter pieces. If you are in the mood to mix patterns, choose patterns that are similar in color scheme, pattern or size. No matter what "mood" you are in, always make sure that your items are fitting properly (not too tight and not too big in the wrong places).
Today's food for thought: Just Be You... and if you need help figuring out that personal/signature style, then call me: ChristalNicole with ChristalNicole's Fashion Styling and Consulting...

Yes, these looks are quirky and different, but that's partially why I love them! What are some of your quirky and uniquely you looks? Send me pics at and I may add them to my next entry... Be blessed...