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Current Designer Obsession: AntoniMichelle

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Dallas Fashion Week Twitter Party premiere fashion show. The designer showcased on this night was AntoniMichelle, and I have to say that from the first time I saw her designs, I was in love! One of her statements about her designs is that she wants to "bring out the goddess in every woman". Truth be told, her designs do just that! From tall, short, thin and curvy, her designs bring out the beauty in any lady wearing them. I have a little secret to tell about her also... Men's designs are among her bag of tricks! It's not everyday that one can say that she was a part of the making of fashion future, but I believe that I can say just that. It can honestly be said that every piece that AntoniMichelle showcased was divine. She will be showcased in the upcoming Dallas Fashion Week October 20-22, 2011, and I can't wait! When you visit her site, you will also find that she designs awesome belts and handbags. Can you s

No Cost Wardrobe Expansion...

The economy has been hard on lots of people, and I hear people talk about how they do not have the money for shopping... Do you hear the horns? What about the fireworks announcing that SUPERWONDERAWESOME WOMAN (ChristalNicole) has come to the rescue?! With a few simple tricks and a little imagination, you can double or even triple your wardrobe, without spending a penny (unless you just can't help yourself). Above, you will see that I have shown one dress in three different ways. I apologize that you can't see the shoes in two of the pictures, but I paired mid-calf black stiletto boots with the scarf and purple/black stilettos with the big hair... For a totally different feel and fun day out, I wore a colorful belt, earrings and ballet flats. Now, let's look inside your closet and see what we find. Pull out one pair of jeans (or slacks), one solid color skirt, a button-down, a tank top, and any other top that you particularly like. Guess what you've just done. You hav