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It's Ok to Say "Yes" to You...

Everyday, you go to work, whether it's at home or a long commute. You take care of your business. You take care of your family, from your parents, siblings, children and/or grandchildren. Everyone seems to get your attention, except you... Your body aches, from hours of working, tension from stress, and you can't think of the last time you had a peaceful night of rest. Your mind is constantly filled with a list of tasks, none of which include a moment for you. You're tired, but someone else has asked you to assist with a project, and/or you need to meal prep for the week for your family. You only go to the doctor, when you're making an appointment for someone else, once you've finished being both nurse and doctor to your loved ones. STOP!!! You can't go on like this! It's time to take care of yourself too. Why? Well, let's see: Decrease stress, which will also lead to, A healthier life/lifestyle (physical and mental) A sense of life fulfillment, includin