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Fashionably Expecting

Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, you start seeing everyone else with the same thing or something similar? Well, it's really no different with pregnancy! Once you're expecting, you notice that "Wow! Everyone's expecting!" At least, that's what happened in my case. All of a sudden, I started noticing all of these expecting mothers, and my fashion eye couldn't help but be stunned! Of course, I'd noticed the bellies peeking out of the bottoms of shirts before, but it seemed to be a more regular occurrence, now that I seemed to have a new pregnancy radar-type sixth sense going on. Why, oh why is the beauty and glow of pregnancy being dimmed by these cruel fashion faux-pas's? Soooo, of course SUPERWONDERAWESOMEWOMAN fashion stylist ChristalNicole has come to the rescue! We all know how strongly I feel about being fashionable on a budget. Because of my own personal bohemian-inspired style, I've hardly had to purchase anything