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When Will Someone Accept Me for Me?... Learning to Accept Yourself...

When will someone accept me for me?... Said the girl who couldn't accept herself... So often we put the pressure on others to give us validation or to "accept us", when all along the "problem" isn't with others but from within our own person. I know that some won't even read this entry in its entirety, because they don't think that they have an issue with self-acceptance . Well, let me ask you a few questions (not a complete assessment, buuuut):  How many times have you criticized yourself about the smallest thing, and didn't feel good about yourself until someone else came along and gave you positive feedback about the same thing you put yourself down for? How often do you find fault in the way that you look, and no matter what others say, you still see that fault? How easily do you change your behavior, in order to "fit in" with others around you, because you deem it necessary? Truth is...  You'll never be good e