Friday, September 28, 2018

How can I make you smile today?

How can I make you smile today
Everyday, I want to hear you say
Can I be the one that dries your tears
The one who calms your fears
Tell me, will you let me
Love you, ever so gently
Unrelenting, contently
With a newness so surreal
A reality causing your heart to heal...

I have a tendency to write poetry in a romantic/passionate tone. However, this little short poem, though it is applicable romantically, is a poem about self love (now read it again). 

Now, how can I make YOU smile? Have I already accomplished my goal? Has it ever occurred to you, the fulfilling nature of just bringing a little joy to another person's day? Seriously, random acts of kindness and care are literally healthy for you.

Think about it. It feels so great, when someone thinks about you, cares about you and shows you love. It also feels rejuvenating and liberating to get a good laugh out of your belly, am I right? Well, now think about what it feels like to see someone smile, because of your unsolicited kindness and maybe even humor. 

Studies show that kindness not only improves relationships and calms down negative situations, it is good for the heart and slows down aging by releasing oxytocin and decreasing inflammation (yes, really!)! 

Hmmmm.... Be Kind and Loving-Reduce Inflammation and Look Younger
Be Mean and Hateful-Look All Bloated and Like an Aging Witch... (IJS)
I think I'll take Kindness and Love

Who have you made smile today? A person or two? Well, go make somebody Else smile! No one? Well, then go get on it!

Smiling, as I think about your smiling faces and the smiles you will spread. I leave you, until next time, your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Acknowledging the Power of Forgiveness...

I am incessantly on a journey for enhanced peace, fulfillment and love of self. This entry is going to be sort of two-fold, in that I'll be writing about letting go of the past and forgiveness...

Many of us have a wall that has been built to protect us from others, due to whatever experiences and persons we have encountered in our lives. However, where we are willing to admit to the wall, we are not always willing to acknowledge the row of locked doors behind that wall which block us from the peace that we seek...

First of all, we all have a past of some sort (at least, that's what people always tell me, lol). Possibly, you may have done things in your past that you are not so proud of or had things done to you that you cannot seem to let go of. Regardless of what that past looks like, it is just that- the past. So, let's look at it. What are the reasons that you are still holding on to it?
  1. Unable to forgive myself
  2. Unable to forgive someone else
  3. Afraid of judgment from others
It's so often said that you have to forgive others, in order to move on with your life, but just as often, the importance of your forgiving yourself is forgotten. Just as my journey in self-love has been a long one, part of that journey has also been understanding and acknowledging the necessity for me to actually forgive myself for things that I deemed unforgivable and to understand that I canNOT worry or focus on what others' opinions/judgments/views on me or my life are. Lastly, what positiveness is gained by holding hatred, hurt and pain in your heart toward another?

  1. ............................
  2. .......................
  3. still waiting.................just forgive already, and free yourself!

Above, you see a lady who is learning everyday about the joys of letting go and the freedom that comes with forgiveness. Liberation is beautiful, and that beauty is a beacon for positiveness, attracting the energy that enhances the ability to evolve and flourish. Each minute, hour, and day is gone, never to be retrieved again, except through our own memory banks. The time spent in negativity is wasted.... Live, don't just breath....

Until next time, I leave you your always passionately driven ChristalNicole...