Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashionably Expecting

Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, you start seeing everyone else with the same thing or something similar? Well, it's really no different with pregnancy! Once you're expecting, you notice that "Wow! Everyone's expecting!" At least, that's what happened in my case. All of a sudden, I started noticing all of these expecting mothers, and my fashion eye couldn't help but be stunned! Of course, I'd noticed the bellies peeking out of the bottoms of shirts before, but it seemed to be a more regular occurrence, now that I seemed to have a new pregnancy radar-type sixth sense going on. Why, oh why is the beauty and glow of pregnancy being dimmed by these cruel fashion faux-pas's?
Soooo, of course SUPERWONDERAWESOMEWOMAN fashion stylist ChristalNicole has come to the rescue!

We all know how strongly I feel about being fashionable on a budget. Because of my own personal bohemian-inspired style, I've hardly had to purchase anything during my pregnancy. I've absolutely LIVED in my maxi dresses! A great tip for cutting down your maternity wear cost is to look through your closet and pull out dresses and tops with empire waists (seaming that is right under the bust) and flowy/A-line shapes.
I understand that there are some women who actually look forward to going out and buying actual maternity clothes (for some, it's part of the experience). For those women, I am totally supportive! This blog is both for you and the woman who either doesn't have the money to do that or wants to buy garments that can also be worn well after pregnancy.

I found it somewhat difficult to find the cutest affordable looks in the store that were actual maternity garments, but online shopping seems to be very maternity friendly. MotherHood is a great shopping source and has multiple designers, including Heidi Klum's "Loved" line (which is very affordable) and Nicole Richie's "A Pea in the Pod" (a little pricier, but very good quality and great styles). To shop some of the other styles featured in this blog, check out these links also:, and of course,
Now remember, just because you are carrying a miracle, it doesn't take a miracle to still look like you care about your appearance. Make your partner proud to say "This is the mother of my baby", and don't go out in public with too little garments and an unkempt look. I won't go "deeply" into hair and makeup in this blog, but let's not forget that part of fashion is how you look from the neck up also. A simple ponytail or bun makes such a difference in showing your beautiful face, rather than forgetting that you have a comb (believe me, I've had those days where I did NOT feel like doing the hair myself). If you're not an "everyday makeup" girl, like me, then remember to keep your skin cleansed and moisturized, so that your natural beauty can shine forth. You will look great and most importantly feel great also :-)
I hope that this has helped someone or helped you to help someone. If you still have questions or need a personal stylist for that extra help, don't hesitate to contact me
Always with love and a passion for fashion, ChristalNicole is signing out, until next time...