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Yes, People of color DO need sunscreen...

First, I want it known that I believe that Everyone/Anyone can benefit from this blog (red, black, white, yellow, brown, whatev's, lol)... It really annoys me each time a person makes the statement "I don't need sunscreen, I'm black" or "Black people need sunscreen?" I don't know whether to be totally annoyed or to be slightly amused. Yes, fellow person of color, and Yes, unknowing person of paleness, Everyone should use sunscreen, if expecting to have prolonged exposure to the sun...   Although I applied sunscreen, before getting into the water, I neglected to re-apply at some point, while enjoying the ocean for approximately 6 hours. As you can see, I have a little peeling on the nose and forehead, and now I sit writing this blog with sensitive shoulders and recently applied aloe vera ;) So for all of my lovelies, I want to give you a few sites to look at, so that you can share with others the importance of protecting your skin and some t