Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little sandal etiquette...

Open-toe sandals, strappy heels, wedges, flip-flops and more...
It is again that season to let those toes free! Show off your pedicures and sexy toe-cleavage! However, there are a few things that must be said and a few rules that MUST be adhered to. One of the number one rules that absolutely must not be broken is as follows: When wearing open-toe shoes, NEVER allow your toes to hang over the front of your shoes or touch the ground as you walk. A tip for avoiding this is to go a half-size up in your shoe, if necessary. The foot tends to slide forward as we walk, and if the shoe is fitting perfectly, with no space in front of the toes before you walk, then your toes are most likely going to slide over the front of the shoe, as the day progresses. As indicated in the picture above, this sight is very unattractive and takes away from both the beauty of the shoe and the neatness of your well-deserved/mandatory pedicure. Remember, these are peep-toe shoes and not "peep-front of the foot", open-toe and not "floor-toe".
A few other tidbits we must remember, in regards to sandals, this season: the aforementioned mandatory pedicure and the importance of moisturizer on the feet and ankles. Why is a pedicure mandatory? Because crusty, dingy, or discolored toenails are unattractive, no matter how "pretty" your toes and feet "could" be. Therefore, even if you can not afford to have a professional pedicure, clean, filed and healthy toenails should be the vision that one sees when you pass. I shouldn't have to say why moisturizer is important, but it is amazing how many women (and men) present their feet with peeling heels and dry feet.
Fashionista/ers! You bought those wonderful, fashionable shoes to be show-stoppers,signature pieces, objects of envy and beauty! Let your shoe shine and complete that great outfit. Don't allow a fashion faux pas be the killer of your potential fashion moment.
Lots of love!
Join me as one of fashion's "passionately driven"....

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