Sunday, April 24, 2011

Look Expensive without the Expense...

"I'll bet you spend lots of money on your clothes, don't you?"
How many times have you been asked this question, and you were able to just smirk with satisfaction over how untrue a statement like that is? Some of us can truly say that was the case for us, but there of those of you out there who feel that you actually DO have to spend lots of money, in order to look great. Don't look down your nose at me for shopping "low budget smart". Episodes 1204 and 1121 of Style TV's "How Do I Look?" had me jumping up and down at their mentioning and giving examples of low cost shopping! You can check out their before and after makeovers at
The slip dress pictured above is a fun and sassy example of cuteness for very little "mula"! I found this beauty on for only $23 bucks! Have you been caught up in the convertible dress love fest? Check out this beauty also found on for about $35!

I'm so giddy when I find a deal, and I love LOVE to see items on TV and celebrities that I have also found for myself! Why? Because I know that I didn't spend half as much as they did!
Target is only one of many stores to satisfy your "expensive" taste with your "frugal" budget. Check out other sites and stores such as,,  and If you're a lover of name brand, high-five me now, because name brands you will also find at Ross Stores, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and, hold your breath, Dot's and DD's Discount stores!
Oh yeah, baby, I know you love me, because I have just assisted you in the saving of some of your money, in an economy that is struggling...
Next time, we shall talk about how to expand your wardrobe, without spending a dime! Say what?!
Passionately Driven... Signing out until next time!

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