Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Color My Emotion...

I've always loved the effect that clothing has on my mood and presentation, especially when I wear something bright and colorful on a rainy day! So many of us don't realize how our outfit has and can effect our mood, and in some cases, our performance in daily and work-related activities. Have you ever noticed a plethora of dull-blah garments on a rainy or cloudy day? What about the increase in motivation to do your hair and make-up, when you put on a cute/nice outfit and the decreased motivation, when you're dressed like a "bum"? Yes people, our clothes make a difference in so many ways, and believe it or not, so do the colors!
Wonder why you feel so sexy in that red dress (maybe even a little naughty, at times)? The color red is actually a strong emotional color. Different shades of red, including pink, evoke and emanate emotions ranging from joy, sexuality, passion, love, rage and anger. Red-orange corresponds to desire, sexual passion, pleasure and a thirst for action.
We see alot of orange and yellow in the color blocking trend of the season. These colors are very appealing, due to their connection with sunshine, joy and happiness. Try putting on a yellow top on a rainy day and feel the difference, when you walk outside. No more singing "rain, rain go away". Hello, Gene Kelly "singin' in the rain"!

The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It is known to be calming to the mind and spirit. Blue is very acceptable to males. I am in a household where I am the only female, and guess what, so far their favorite color is blue (go figure). Blue is also associated with depth, stability and expertise. Now pull that blue "power suit" out of the back of the closet and regain that confidence in the office...
This blog came to me the other day, when I was sitting on the couch, feeling like I had been a "bum" all day. Sometimes, we all need a "pick me up", and I thought about how I could have changed the events of my whole day, simply by using something that I myself am passionate about...FASHION... There are so many ways that fashion effects our daily lives, and it doesn't have to be in a way that involves spending money. Just a simple act of choosing a bold color to brighten a gray day, wearing that "flowy" white top (because white is associated with purity, innocence and new beginnings) to motivate you toward a fresh start or choosing that powerful black dress (because black evokes feelings of power, elegance, depth and mystery) to your first date or to a dinner meeting with a prospective client, can be a life-changing experience.
Until next time, I am your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

For more information about color and emotion connections, research "color psychology" and check out sites, such as

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