Thursday, June 30, 2011

Color blocking for Him...

Color blocking is an awesome hot trend that, yes, ChristalNicole has written about already. However, I feel compelled to elaborate on how great this trend can look on our guys also.For you guys who love color, this is a great excuse for you to rock it!
As seen in the photo above, pairing solids can create a unique and creative look. I've expressed to my females the fact that you can take any two or three solid primary colors and create a "put together" look. It can be as simple as green tee and red pants.
For my guys who are a little more "color shy", color blocking can also be achieved with earth tones and neutrals, as seen in Perry Ellis' collection below. For Perry Ellis shopping, check out

There's so many tips and so much advice for the ladies. Today, I had guys on the mind.
Color blocking - Add it to your style meter guys!
As always, I remain your passionately driven ChristalNicole...


  1. Im definitely sharing this with my males friends who seem to find it hard to step outside the box

  2. Please do! I hope that it is helpful. Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking in...