Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beautifully Be-You-ti-Full...

How many times have you applied makeup or put on a cute outfit, with the expectations of receiving a compliment? Were you disappointed at all? What about the selfie that you posted on social media, believing that it was the cutest/prettiest/best one you'd ever taken? Did it get as many "likes/shares/reposts" as you'd anticipated? If not, did this effect you personally or decrease your confidence? Well, it's time to change that!

So many times, we depend too much on what other people say about us and whether we are meeting others expectations. It is important to remember to be You, and be ok with who you are. Allow others to see the fullness of who you are naturally, and you will be surprised by the energy you receive from others. 

Today, while not expecting anything from anyone, I received a compliment from one of my co-workers, which domino effected into compliments from others, and it surprised me! Where did this come from? And why was I feeling so weird about it?...

Then, it hit me! I felt weird, because I had not been encouraging myself, the way that I strive to encourage others. 

Be You to the Fullest... Be-You-Ti-Full! 

That's who/what I am, and that comes across so much more beautifully than being anything/anyone else. No makeup, clothing or person could ever enhance what naturally makes me who I am, and you know what??? I thought that was worth sharing :)

Until next time my beauties, I am your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

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