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Take Care of Yourself: You Matter Too...


I know that it's been awhile, since my last post. My apologies to my awesome readers.
I'd like to say that I've been taking some much needed R&R, but unfortunately, it's been the total opposite. I've been super busy! Hence, this blog entry, reminder to not only you but also to MYself...

Work is a grand thing that allows us to pay the bills. "Hustle-mode" is a common phrase, used frequently as motivational and admirable. Being a parent or caretaker of some sort can be a very demanding responsibility...

While there is nothing wrong with either of these states of being, none should saturate your life so intensely that you neglect your health and overall physical/mental well-being.


Am I asking you to give up your job, your hustle and/or your positions of responsibility? Never! I'm all about that "Perseverant Life", but I guarantee that you and those you love will appreciate a less stressed/healthier you...

So, let's talk about a few ways that you can take care of yourself, in the midst of your busy life:

  1. Take a napYes, naps are not just for babies and children. Naps have been proven to help "reboot" the brain and improve mental awareness.
  2. Get a massage... Professional or non can be relaxing and reduce stress, but if at all possible get a professional who knows the proper techniques
  3. Relax... Yes, I know that sounds almost silly and pretty simple, but try out a few different relaxation techniques:
    • Body scan- Focus on one specific part of the body starting from head to toe or vice versa and relax that part of the body, working your way up or down the body (I have discovered times that I was literally laying tense in my bed, and didn't realize it, until I tried this method)
    • Yoga
    • Guided imagery- Focus on places, scenes or experiences that are soothing, relaxing, and help you focus
  4. Eat healthy/exercise... A lifestyle that includes an overall healthy diet and exercise is proven to decrease risk to chronic disease, reduce risk for heart disease, reduce risk for certain cancers and more
ChristalNicole-resting-teddy bear

We've all heard the phrase YOLO, and while that is usually what people say before they do something exciting and/or adventurous, it should also remind you that you only have ONE life to live. Being stressed out, tense, and agitated are not the ways to live it.

As always, I have some really good reads linked within this entry, so don't just take my word for it. 

Get you some rest. Take care of yourself. I will do my best to do the same. Until next time, I am always your passionately driven ChristalNicole... 


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