Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Smile! It Really Is Good For You...



How many times have you been walking down a hallway or into a store, and someone told you to "Smile, it'll make you feel better" (or something like that)? Were you in "one of those moods"? Did you scowl harder, thinking "why doesn't that person mind her/his own business"?

Surprisingly enough, whomever that may have been that attempted to encourage you was also looking out for your health! Smiling has been proven to be beneficial to our health in a number of ways. Some of the benefits include:


  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Relief of Stress, by the release of endorphins that cause us to be happier
  3. A stronger Immune System
  4. Aaaaaand, better relationships, which is definitely better for our health than negative ones

A little research to back up all of this knowledge that I'm dishing:

From Psychology Today "Try Some Smile Therapy" -

From Benefits Bridge "The Top 7 Health Benefits of Smiling" -

Transparency moment: I am that person that gets caught up in my thoughts and generally is told to smile by strangers. I have even had a negative thought to go through my head, when I was told, buuuuut now, instead of negativity, I ask myself a few questions... 

Why not smile? What do you feel, when you smile? Even when things are bad, and you don't really feel like, try it! I'm forced to think of something joyful, in order to do so, which automatically brings me to a "happy place". Also, when you smile and have joy, it causes those around you to reflect that same positive energy. Pay attention to how many smiles you get returned, when you smile. It's pretty awesome!

Smiling, as I end this entry, I leave always your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

Friday, July 6, 2018

Cry, Baby, Cry...

Wow, I can't believe that it's been 3 years, since my last post...

I've had a whirlwind of things to happen in my life, and I'm finally coming to a place of self-discovery and understanding. It has been, during this time, that I have become more self-evaluative and a major revelation has occurred...

It's okay to cry! Yes, as simple as it may sound, I too had difficulty with this human expression of emotion. Although I am still not comfortable with crying in front of other people, I have learned a few wonderful things personally about crying:

1. It is therapeutic
2. It is liberating
3. It relieves stress
4. It clears your mind
5. It's natural... and doesn't make you any less of a "strong" individual.......

If you don't believe me, then take a look at a little research that has been done about crying. It could definitely blow your mind!

From AgingCare.com- Go Ahead, Have a Good Cry: 5 Reasons It's Good for You

From LifeHack.org- 9 Surprising Benefits of Crying, or Why It's Okay to Have a Good Cry

So... Cry, Baby, Cry... Throw away any thoughts of weakness and allow yourself to release the pain, joy or happiness that may be locked within. It's a beautiful thing, and so are you!

Until next time, I am your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Beautifully Be-You-ti-Full...

How many times have you applied makeup or put on a cute outfit, with the expectations of receiving a compliment? Were you disappointed at all? What about the selfie that you posted on social media, believing that it was the cutest/prettiest/best one you'd ever taken? Did it get as many "likes/shares/reposts" as you'd anticipated? If not, did this effect you personally or decrease your confidence? Well, it's time to change that!

So many times, we depend too much on what other people say about us and whether we are meeting others expectations. It is important to remember to be You, and be ok with who you are. Allow others to see the fullness of who you are naturally, and you will be surprised by the energy you receive from others. 

Today, while not expecting anything from anyone, I received a compliment from one of my co-workers, which domino effected into compliments from others, and it surprised me! Where did this come from? And why was I feeling so weird about it?...

Then, it hit me! I felt weird, because I had not been encouraging myself, the way that I strive to encourage others. 

Be You to the Fullest... Be-You-Ti-Full! 

That's who/what I am, and that comes across so much more beautifully than being anything/anyone else. No makeup, clothing or person could ever enhance what naturally makes me who I am, and you know what??? I thought that was worth sharing :)

Until next time my beauties, I am your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

Monday, June 22, 2015

Is "Beauty Sleep" a Myth?

Ever had anyone to suggest that you need more beauty rest? Maybe you suggested to someone else that they needed it, or you commented that you hadn't gotten enough beauty sleep...
Being a woman who has had plenty of sleep problems myself, I thought it would be a great idea to research just how important sleep is. Yes, common knowledge tells us that sleep decreases dark eye circles and some might have even noticed that increased rest decreases irritability.
Although these reasons are good ones to get your rest, there are others to keep in consideration, when you decide to choose work, play or whatever else, over sleep. Studies show that sleep is also good for concentration, increased learning abilities, decreased depression, increased lifespan, a better sex life and diet assistance. YES! I said Diet assistance!
Check out this website for increased knowledge on how sleep aides with our workout process and goals for sexiness!
Oh yeah, and I did also say Sex Life, lol:

There were so many great resources available online to increase knowledge on the importance of sleep. Other than the fact that all of them stated that Everyone needs to get an adequate amount of sleep (no less than 6-7 hours), there were some other similarities:

Tips for getting better Sleep:
  • Go to bed the same time each night and get up the same time each morning.
  • Sleep in a dark, quiet, comfortable environment.
  • Exercise daily (but not right before bedtime).
  • Limit the use of electronics before bed.
  • Relax before bedtime. A warm bath or reading might help.
  • Avoid alcohol and stimulants such as caffeine late in the day.
  • Avoid nicotine.
  • Consult a health care professional if you have ongoing sleep problems.
  • Decrease stressful situations/thoughts before bedtime.
  • Try not to take work to bed with you.
Here are a few more sites, to give you a little more insight on the importance of sleep:

So, is "beauty sleep" a myth? I'd say, NO Way! Sleep is so important to our lives in so many ways, physically, mentally and emotionally. I hope that this post has been as helpful to you as it was for me. Until next time, I am your passionately driven... ChristalNicole...


Sunday, May 31, 2015

Yes, People of color DO need sunscreen...

First, I want it known that I believe that Everyone/Anyone can benefit from this blog (red, black, white, yellow, brown, whatev's, lol)...

It really annoys me each time a person makes the statement "I don't need sunscreen, I'm black" or "Black people need sunscreen?" I don't know whether to be totally annoyed or to be slightly amused. Yes, fellow person of color, and Yes, unknowing person of paleness, Everyone should use sunscreen, if expecting to have prolonged exposure to the sun...


Although I applied sunscreen, before getting into the water, I neglected to re-apply at some point, while enjoying the ocean for approximately 6 hours. As you can see, I have a little peeling on the nose and forehead, and now I sit writing this blog with sensitive shoulders and recently applied aloe vera ;)

So for all of my lovelies, I want to give you a few sites to look at, so that you can share with others the importance of protecting your skin and some tips on what to do, should you have a slightly losing battle with UVB/UVA rays. You will notice, there are some pretty awesome home remedies...


I hope and pray that these sites are helpful to you, and can help to save you some skin toastiness! As always, I am your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Be You...

"It's called 'I felt like wearing socks with my sandals, so I did'" is what I said to her, when she gave me a weird look and asked why I was wearing socks with my wedges. Then, because I wouldn't back down to her questions, more questions followed, in reference to the rest of my ensemble for the day. Not to be wavered, I simply replied "It's my style. If you don't like it, then so what. You do you, and I'll do me."
It amazes me how people have so many comments to make about others style, when they don't have a signature or personal style of their own, especially when the "style" that they have is not really "style" but matchymatchy cookie-cutter ensembles. I stick to my belief that "fashion is art", and an expression/extension of oneself.
My own personal style is quite eccentric, involving bohemian-fused inspirations and quirky vintage or thrift pieces. I was nervous to try the sock and sandal style that I loved, until I had problems with my toe and couldn't wear closed-toe shoes over it's ugliness. After I tried the trend, I felt the freedom that I love, and ran with it and my headwraps!
I am from a small town and have never totally felt that I "fit in" but have matured to a "non-caring" state of mind and have a hope to inspire others to do the same.
Be who you are not just in personality but in style and fashion. Don't let others determine how you express yourself. That being said, you may wonder how a stylist like myself can find fault in or improvement in an outfit?
There are simple and sometimes small tweaks that have to be made to outfits, because of the possibilities of frumpiness, competing patterns, ill-fitting garments, etc. If you are confused, then that is where you need the assistance of SUPERAWESOMEWONDERWOMAN ChristalNicole. If you are feeling "flowery" on this day, choose a dominant flower pattern and accessorize or accommodate that pattern with smaller, quieter pieces. If you are in the mood to mix patterns, choose patterns that are similar in color scheme, pattern or size. No matter what "mood" you are in, always make sure that your items are fitting properly (not too tight and not too big in the wrong places).
Today's food for thought: Just Be You... and if you need help figuring out that personal/signature style, then call me: ChristalNicole with ChristalNicole's Fashion Styling and Consulting...

Yes, these looks are quirky and different, but that's partially why I love them! What are some of your quirky and uniquely you looks? Send me pics at christalnicoles@yahoo.com and I may add them to my next entry... Be blessed...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Fashionably Expecting

Have you ever noticed that when you get something new, you start seeing everyone else with the same thing or something similar? Well, it's really no different with pregnancy! Once you're expecting, you notice that "Wow! Everyone's expecting!" At least, that's what happened in my case. All of a sudden, I started noticing all of these expecting mothers, and my fashion eye couldn't help but be stunned! Of course, I'd noticed the bellies peeking out of the bottoms of shirts before, but it seemed to be a more regular occurrence, now that I seemed to have a new pregnancy radar-type sixth sense going on. Why, oh why is the beauty and glow of pregnancy being dimmed by these cruel fashion faux-pas's?
Soooo, of course SUPERWONDERAWESOMEWOMAN fashion stylist ChristalNicole has come to the rescue!

We all know how strongly I feel about being fashionable on a budget. Because of my own personal bohemian-inspired style, I've hardly had to purchase anything during my pregnancy. I've absolutely LIVED in my maxi dresses! A great tip for cutting down your maternity wear cost is to look through your closet and pull out dresses and tops with empire waists (seaming that is right under the bust) and flowy/A-line shapes.
I understand that there are some women who actually look forward to going out and buying actual maternity clothes (for some, it's part of the experience). For those women, I am totally supportive! This blog is both for you and the woman who either doesn't have the money to do that or wants to buy garments that can also be worn well after pregnancy.

I found it somewhat difficult to find the cutest affordable looks in the store that were actual maternity garments, but online shopping seems to be very maternity friendly. MotherHood http://www.motherhood.com/ is a great shopping source and has multiple designers, including Heidi Klum's "Loved" line (which is very affordable) and Nicole Richie's "A Pea in the Pod" (a little pricier, but very good quality and great styles). To shop some of the other styles featured in this blog, check out these links also: http://rstyle.me/g6cehs2fd, http://rstyle.me/hc2v392fd and of course, http://www.target.com/.
Now remember, just because you are carrying a miracle, it doesn't take a miracle to still look like you care about your appearance. Make your partner proud to say "This is the mother of my baby", and don't go out in public with too little garments and an unkempt look. I won't go "deeply" into hair and makeup in this blog, but let's not forget that part of fashion is how you look from the neck up also. A simple ponytail or bun makes such a difference in showing your beautiful face, rather than forgetting that you have a comb (believe me, I've had those days where I did NOT feel like doing the hair myself). If you're not an "everyday makeup" girl, like me, then remember to keep your skin cleansed and moisturized, so that your natural beauty can shine forth. You will look great and most importantly feel great also :-)
I hope that this has helped someone or helped you to help someone. If you still have questions or need a personal stylist for that extra help, don't hesitate to contact me http://www.christalnicole.com/.
Always with love and a passion for fashion, ChristalNicole is signing out, until next time...