Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Don't Be Afraid to Let Go...

ChristalNicole | image consultant, McKinney, TX

Whether it's a person, situation or emotional attachment to something, many of us have a difficult time with letting things go and moving on with our lives...

Yes, I'm talking about myself as well. I'm guilty (first step is to admit it, right?), or at least, I have been: 

If a person stopped communicating or decided to leave my life, I would try to figure out why and inwardly be broken, even if I didn't show it.... If I went through something traumatic, then I would allow it to effect my future (sound familiar?)... 

But then there was this thing called self-evaluation and this other thing called an epiphany!

Suddenly, after all the years of doing something so unhealthy, I became (and continue to become) this person that no longer wanted to allow people or circumstances to determine my life, health or overall emotional state...

let go

But Christal, I've tried to let go, and I just can't seem to... 

Well, Ok dahling, this is why I am writing this little piece today. Psychology Today and  PsychCentral have pretty great articles with a few suggestions that I'm including in my list, but I have a few suggestions of my own:
  1. Recognize that you're holding on to that infectious thing (just be "real" with yourself)
  2. Make a conscious and definitive decision to let go 
  3. If it is a person, then recognize that you are giving that person power over you that he/she probably doesn't even realize has been given (especially due to the fact that the other person has usually moved on and isn't giving you or the situation a second thought)
  4. Recognize your worth and the value of your time (while you are wasting time crying, pondering, being bitter, hating, chasing, etc. etc. etc., you could be taking over the world baby!)
  5. Talk to someone about what you're feeling (wise friend, counselor, clergy, ChristalNicole ;) )
I know. Right now, you're probably singing 

Are you ready? You can do it. Let it go! 
Until next time, I leave you your passionately driven ChristalNicole...

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